Safety, Solidarity and Strength on the Shoreline

Diverse group of six colleagues discussing around a laptop in a bright room with a whiteboard in the background.

“For those of us who live at the shoreline, standing upon the constant edges of decision, crucial and alone. for those of us who cannot indulge”

Audre Lorde, A Litany for Survival

🚀 Are you responsible for advocating for inclusion and change in your organisation and finding that it is a lonely experience?

Does your EDI work sometimes leave you feeling tired, hurt, stressed, afraid or angry? Is your professional life in EDI, taking a toll on your personal life?

Are you eager to get ahead in your role but finding the moral and professional support in your workplace lacking? Would you like to gain valuable insights and learn techniques for implementing radical change while preventing stress, moral injury, compassion fatigue and burnout.

Don’t miss our upcoming EDI practice supervision webinar.

This webinar is an opportunity for EDI practitioners and activists to wrap our arms around each other. Through discussion and connection in each other’s presence, we will co-create an hour of peace.

We will share strategies for creating maximum impact at work for your organisation whilst staying well and thriving personally and professionally. Our team and guest speakers will share tips for managing distress and avoiding burnout that is too common in our EDI community.

Book now for an opportunity to rest, restore and rise. 

  • Keys to Unlocking EDI Success: Access free evidence-based action research support toolkits.
  • Burnout Busters: Tap into strategies to overcome workplace resistance.
  • Power in Numbers: Share and exchange innovative ideas and advice with other EDI leaders.
  • Safe Circle Space: Learn how to protect your mind and wellbeing whilst working within resistant work cultures.

🔥 Why Attend?

  • Gain insights from the top leaders in EDI work
  • Find solace with peers as we discuss how to avoid and manage psychological distress, moral distress and burnout.
  • Bask in a compassionate space with peers on the same journey
  • Access free taster ‘supervision’ sessions

💡 Who Should Attend?

If you are an EDI leader or have a supportive role in creating change in inclusive practice, but find this to be a lonely road, or if you often find yourself turning to family members, professional networks and colleagues to alleviate the burden, then this webinar is a must.

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Secure your spot now and mark your calendar! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create meaningful and holistic impact in EDI work.

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