We don’t see boundaries.

  • Transforming organisations and the people in them through the power of reverse mentoring­
  • Eliminating discrimination in the workplace – one conversation at a time­

We are disruptive, relentless, and compassionate. We are the Reverse Mentoring Practice.

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What We Offer

We offer reverse mentoring services and are the experts in Liberation Focused Practice Supervision.

We take an innovative approach to reverse mentoring relationships that disrupts traditional power dynamics and reverses the deficit model.

The ReMEDI (Reverse Mentoring for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Framework was developed by our founder Stacy Johnson MBE, Associate Professor at the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham. The framework is a result of her action research around critical inclusive leadership.

Press play to watch a short animation on the ReMEDI approach to reverse mentoring for equality, diversity and inclusion.

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We Work

How We Work

Organisational Readiness

  • Executive meeting
  • Organisational commitment
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Recruitment and engagement of reverse mentors and mentees

Training and Preparation

  • Reverse mentor training
  • Reverse mentee preparation
  • Reverse mentor and mentee pairing


  • One-to-one reverse mentor / mentee meetings
  • Peer led reverse mentoring support
  • Reverse mentee reflections

Joint Reflection and Evaluation

  • Joint celebration / closing event
  • Evaluation and benefits analysis

Reverse Mentoring

We transform organisations and the people in them through the power of reverse mentoring.

Organisational Change

We flip power dynamics to create organisational change.


We empower people to change their organisation for the better.

Upcoming Webinars

Reverse mentoring or reciprocal mentoring. What’s the difference?

Tired of ineffective EDI training? In this webinar, we break down the fundamental differences between these two experiential interventions. Practitioners, reverse mentors and mentees will share why reverse and reciprocal mentoring are proving to be such powerful tools in EDI practice. 

We will launch our new interactive Reverse-Reciprocal Mentoring decision tool. The tool gives you clear guidance on what you need to consider when choosing to implement reverse or reciprocal mentoring in your organisations. Book onto our January webinar to  be the first to try it out.

Date: 18th January 2024, 2pm – 3pm

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Understanding Ubuntu

Game changing EDI practice requires ongoing innovation, courage and disruptive solutions.

This webinar is the first in our “From Our Forefathers and Foremothers” series.  In this series, we draw on inspiring ideas, thinkers and activists from the Global South. Participants will have the opportunity to explore, discuss and apply powerful indigenous knowledge from Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Asia. We will hear how different practitioners are applying these ideas to the EDI, liberation and human rights work they do.

We kick off the series with a deep dive into Ubuntu, a simply transformative world view from central and Southern Africa. The Reverse Mentoring Practice team will share the joy they have been experiencing from using different aspects of Ubuntu to  enhance their EDI practice and motivate and empower people to stimulate change in large organisations. 

Date: 29th February 2024, 2pm – 3pm

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